Vietnam Tea Sampler Set

A get you started sample set of top quality Hatvala teas from Vietnam.  There is no compromise on tea quality for these sets which are subject to the same quality control as our other teas.  Contains foil packed and labeled samples of each tea 

Sample Set A comprises the following 6 teas:

Five Penny Green Tea - Wild (20 grams)

Purple Rain Green Tea - Wild (20 grams)

Red Buffalo Oolong Tea - Estate (20 grams)

Flowery Oolong Tea - Estate (20 grams)

Wild Boar Black Tea - Wild (20 grams)

Autumn Jade Jasmine Tea - Wild (20 grams)


Sample Set B includes the teas from Set A with the addition of:

Mountain Mist White Tea - Wild (15 grams)

Dark Forest Dark (Puerh Style) Tea - Wild (20 grams)


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