Dragon's Breath: Estate Oolong Tea, Son La, Vietnam

A close relative of our Red Buffalo, Dragon’s Breath is produced from the same Thanh Tam (“Qingxin”) cultivar and is subject to identical withering and oxidation processes.  It is in the later stages of production, however, where the two teas differ.  Whereas Red Buffalo is subjected to an intense rolling stage to create beads or balls Dragon’s Breath is only lightly rolled to maintain a leaf or bar shape.

The final character of Dragon’s Breath is created through a precise and carefully controlled drying phase as the last stage of production.  The tea is dried and rested several times over a 7 to 10 day period until the desired profile is achieved.

Dragon’s Breath produces a golden amber tea with very good body, a gentle honey sweetness and flavours that encompass toasted rice, caramel and lightly smoked charcoal.  The flavours of the tea are very intense during the initial steepings and we recommend that the leaves are enjoyed and re-used three times.


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