Red Buffalo: Estate Oolong Tea, Son La, Vietnam

Red Buffalo Oolong tea is a red oolong tea that was developed to our requirements.  The tea is allowed to oxidise between 65 - 70% to produce a drink that has an appealing golden amber liquor which manages to artfully combine the nutty, malt and chocolate characteristics of black tea with the much sweeter, fruity and floral characteristics commonly found in green teas. 

The Red Buffalo Oolong shares many characteristics with the more lightly oxidized Flowery Oolong in that both are produced from the Thanh Tam (“Qingxin”) varietal on one of the premier tea estates on the fertile plateau at Moc Chau, Son La province in northern Vietnam.  Almost all of the annual production from the estate is exported directly to Taiwan each year.

Grown at altitudes above 1100 metres, the harvested leaves are sun dried before being withered, tossed, oxidised, baked and rolled into the tight balls typical of oolong teas.  Red Buffalo is a full bodied tea with a creamy smooth texture and a delightful sweet honey taste with hints of malt and chocolate. An ideal comforting tea to relax and unwind with.

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