Jasmine Oolong Scented Wild Tea, Vietnam

Jasmine Oolong is a perfect marriage between our Flowery Oolong tea from Moc Chau and jasmine blossoms from Hanoi West Lake.  The tea is blended by the same skilled artisan responsbile for our original Autumn Jade jasmine tea.

Jasmine blossoms are picked each afternoon during the season before the flowers open and are mixed with the Oolong tea. Overnight the flowers open and the fragrance is absorbed by the tea.  The process is repeated four times before the tea is ready for careful packing.  A total of two kilograms of jasmine blossoms is used for each kilogram of tea.

Jasmine Oolong produces a brisk, creamy liquor with good body and the delightful sweet, floral fragrance typical of jasmine teas.


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