Mountain Mist: Wild White Tea, Yen Bai, Vietnam

An excellent and unique silver needle white tea made using only leaf buds that are harvested from tea trees growing wild in the forests around Suoi Giang (or "heavenly river") at elevations of over 1400 metres.  Lingering mists cover the mountains here for much of the year resulting in slow leaf development that endows the leaves with very special flavours and characteristics of their own.  The tea leaves also absorb flavors of the surrounding forest and these can often be picked out in the processed tea.

Local H’Mong minority people roam the steep mountainside during the early morning and climb into the trees to pluck the best leaves before bringing them back to the town for processing.  Here the buds are carefully sorted, separated and selected as suitable needles for white tea production. As with all other wild teas, the trees are left to grow and develop naturally without any fertilization or pesticides.

Mountain mist tea is very lightly processed by hand to produce a wonderfully rich yet delicately smooth, mountain fresh drink offering its own distinct characteristics with a complex taste of straw, melon and a gentle smokiness.  White teas are particularly rich in anti-oxidants making them a popular choice for the health conscious tea drinker.

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