Wild Boar: WIld Black Tea, Yen Bai, Vietnam

A full character black tea prepared using carefully harvested high grown young tea leaves that are collected each morning by hill tribes on the high mountain slopes of Yen Bai province.  Another tea that is processed from the leaves of wild tea trees that grow completely naturally on the high forested mountainside at altitudes over 1400 metres.  This quality Vietnamese black tea which has been a well-kept secret for many years has many similarities with Assam black teas but with added character due to environment and altitude.

Black tea requires more steps in the production process than Green tea as the leaves are allowed to wither for many hours before being fully oxidised, dried and sorted.  As a result black tea is typically processed using a higher degree of automation even though traditional whole leaf production methods are maintained to ensure quality, taste and consistency.

Processed using orthodox techniques in a small, local factory the tea includes a large proportion of golden tips to enhance sweetness and colour.  Wild Boar delivers rich, malty and chocolate tastes with an exceptional bright, coppery colour.  This tea is perfect as a reviving, thirst quenching drink either on its own or with the addition of lemon or milk.

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