Dark Forest: Wild Aged Dark Tea, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Dark forest dark tea is a post fermented dark tea that is a Vietnamese equivalent to the famous pu-erh (pho nhi) produced across the border in Yunnan province, China.  The leaves for Dark Forest are harvested from wild tea trees by Dao minority people on Cao Bo mountain in Ha Giang province close to the most northerly point of Vietnam.    

Prepared using organic tea leaves the tea undergoes simple initial processing but is then further processed as a “cooked pu-erh” and allowed to slowly ferment over many years.  Often pressed into cakes this is a loose leaf variety produced in 2007. 

Dark Forset has a very distinctive flavour  that is smooth with long lingering woody and earthy taste.  Very different from other tea types and an acquired taste it is famed for its benefit to digestion and is often drunk with a meal.

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