Bac Ha Green: Wild Green Tea, Lao Cai, Vietnam

A new wild green tea that is produced by a minority Flower H'Mong family a few kilometres from the town of Bac Ha, famous for its colourful Sunday market.  The wild tea trees have grown on the land owned by the family for many years but it is only recently that they have started to perfect the art of tea processing.  Like the trees harvested for Purple Rain tea some of the leaves have a distinct purple hue to them but not in such great quantity as in Muong Khuong. 

The tea is produced by a most traditional, low tech process including being pan dried over  wood fire rather than using a drum oven which has become more common.  This is very time consuming not to mention the risk of burning ones hands on the cast iron pan.  Pan drying leads to a very distinct leaf shape and also brings out the floral quanlities of the leaf.

Bac Ha Green tea is an interesting tea which we believe has a lot of potential and complexity.  Brewed lightly it is floral with fruity notes of melon, pear and herbs but becomes more woody and earthy  the stronger the brew.  Like the other wild green teas that we offer it is a pure and naturally sweet and healthy tea.


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