Five Penny: Wild Green Tea, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Five Penny Green Tea is a high grown tea (above 1400 metres) from the mountains surrounding Suoi Giang village in Yen Bai province where frequent mists shroud the ancient, wild tea trees that grow in and around the verdant pine forest.  The misty environment which conceals the hidden beauty of the Suoi Giang (whose name translates literally as 'heavenly river') also causes the tea leaves to grow very slowly allowing unique taste and character to develop away from the direct sunlight. 

The wild tea trees grow completely naturally across a vast area and will grow to several metres tall.  Some of the trees are said to be many hundreds of years old.  Each morning during the season, tea leaves are harvested by H’Mong minority people who wander far into the forest and climb high into the trees to pick the best young leaves.  

By early afternoon the harvested leaves are brought back to the village where they are sorted and prepared for processing before the leaves begin to oxidise.  Five Penny tea is produced using only the bud and first two leaves by traditional hand crafted techniques using only ovens fired by longan wood and simple rolling machines.  The rest depends on the skill and expertise of Mr Tu, the tea master, to produce a smooth, pure and fresh brew that is naturally sweet with tastes of vegetables, fruits and smoke.

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