Purple Rain: Wild Green Tea, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Purple Rain is another of our artisan teas that is produced in small quantities in a small factory workshop by Mr Chiu and his family.  The tea is produced from wild tea trees in Muong Khuong District of Lai Cao Province from leaves harvested by H’Mong ethnic people who live and work in this small community.  The defining feature of the tea leaves is that many have a definite purple hue when young due to the unique combination of plant and soil.   

The tea is produced using traditional techniques with minimal technology and relies heavily on Mr Chiu’s skill and experience.  Fresh leaves are drum baked in an oven fired by longan wood, rolled and dried several times until the perfect balance is achieved.

Purple Rain tea has its own very distinctive taste which is a little earthy but with flavours that hint of mushrooms and other vegetables such as artichoke and asparagus.  Brewed sympathetically it will show off its natural sweetness with no bitterness.

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