Tiger Monkey: Wild Green Tea, Ha Giang, Vietnam

A delightful green tea produced in only in small quantities by ethnic Black H'Mong families in Lung Phin, Ha Giang province.  Different from other green teas in that it is fired and dried by hand in a wood-fired cast iron pan rather than a drum oven.  The tea is produced from the leaves of wild tea trees that grow close to the family home at altitudes of 1500 metres.  The shallow soil (with a relatively high pH level) and rainfall pattern only allow three short flushes of growth every year each with their own distinct character. 

The tea is produced entirely by Mr Po and his extended family a few kilometres outside Lung Phin village.  Most of the tea produced is sold at the colourful local market which is held on the Monkey and Tiger days of the Lunar week from where our name for this tea derives.

Tiger Monkey tea has a smoky aroma and a taste that develops over infusions between earth and woody notes with suggestions of straw, peat and moss as well as the pine forest.  Like other wild green teas it is naturally sweet with little bitterness.


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