Floating Cloud: Wild White Tea, Yen Bai, Vietnam

Floating Cloud is an exquisite buds onlywhite tea exclusive to Hatvala.  The tea has been jointly developed to our requirements by a master tea maker from Suoi Giang in Yen Bai province.  This is a hand crafted tea that undergoes an extended sun withering followed by gentle stirring and drying to create a truly exceptional and unique tea.

Made from leaf buds only harvested from wild tea trees that grow in the ancient bio-diverse forests at altitudes above 1400 metres.  The buds are carefully sorted and selected by hand prior to processing.    

Floating Cloud is both elegant and complex and produces a delightfully sweet tea with notes of honeysuckle, sugar cane, walnuts and pine forest.  A remarkable tasting white tea that takes time to produce so that you can take time to enjoy.

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