Lotus Tea: Scented Wild Green Tea, Vietnam

The lotus flower carries a very special meaning in the culture of Vietnam and the plant is put to many uses including decoration, food, medicine and, of course, tea.  Our lotus tea is produced by an artisan family using lotus from Quang Ba pond, one of the dwindling number of lotus ponds around the edges of Hanoi's West Lake.

During the lotus season (approximately June to September) the flowers are picked from the pond in the early morning as the young blooms are about to open. The cut flowers are then taken for the painstaking task of sorting, separating the fragrant anthers and blending with tea.

For our own Lotus tea we use a high quality, pure wild green tea sourced directly from mountains of Ha Giang which we send to West Lake for blending up to seven times over several weeks.  Over 1,000 flowers are required for each kilogram of tea.

Real lotus tea is in the reassuringly expensive category. Although there are many cheap alternative available these are normally artificially scented and cannot match the pure fragrance of the real thing.

Lotus tea is quite unique and is a beautifully fragrant drink that is believed to have a number of health benefits including the treatment for stomach problems, high blood pressure and insomnia.

Click to watch a video that we took of Lotus Flowers being prepared and blended with our tea.

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