Flowery Oolong: Estate Oolong Tea, Son La, Vietnam

Flowery oolong is produced using a premium bush varietal (Thanh Tam or “Qingxin”) that has been specially developed for Oolong tea production in Taiwan.  The tea is grown on a 40 hectare estate at altitudes between 1000 and 1200 metres on the fertile, rolling plateau of Moc Chau in Vietnam's Son La province. 

Oolongs sit between Green and Black teas and offer the most variety and complexity depending on the degree to which leaves are allowed to oxidise and how the processed tea is rolled.  Flowery Oolong is a green oolong resulting from a relatively light oxidation. The tea is produced from early April to late October each year.

After picking, the young tea leaves are sun dried and are then shaken in traditional bamboo drums before withering and drum baking.  The tea is rolled up to ten times to achieve the final characteristic small bead shape.  Flowery oolong provides an exquisitely fragrant, floral tea that is full bodied with a smooth, creamy texture.  It is a slightly sweet tea and is sure to delight any Oolong lover.

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