Three Moons: Estate Oolong Tea, Son La, Vietnam

Three Moons Oolong is a lightly oxidised green Oolong Tea that has been lightly roasted many times over a three month period to simulate the style of an aged tea.  Produced from leaves harvested from the Quingxin cultivar as a standard pluck of one bud and up to three leaves the tea is sun withered, shaken and then oxidised to approximately 30%.

After a repeated rolling and drying cycle the tea undergoes and extended period of roasting where it is gently heated for an hour and then allowed to rest.  The roast and rest is repeated multple times over a period of three months, or three moons! 

Three Moons has a light toasted aroma reminiscent of roasted green beans but with its flavour is a surprising contrast with notes of sweet apple or melon.        

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