Two Sisters: Estate Oolong Tea, Son La, Vietnam

Two Sisters Oolong is a Gui Fei style Oolong Tea made from leaves harvested from the Quingxin cultivar.  The leaves are a standard pluck of one bud and up to three leaves but contain a high proportion of leaves that have been attacked by Leafhopper insects (or Jassids).

The Leafhoppers suck sap from the leaves, rather than bite, and in response the leaves release compounds that have an effect on the final tea produced.  Two Sisters is produced on the rolling Moc Chau plateau in Son La at an altitude of 1000 metres. 

Two Sisters is appoximately 30% oxidised and produces a tea that has the floral characteristics of other green Oolongs but with added notes of grapefruit, plum and maple syrup.      

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