Autumn Jade: Jasmine Scented Wild Tea, Vietnam

Autumn Jade is a delightfully fragrant flavoured tea produced by combining high quality wild green tea from Fin Ho, Ha Giang with real jasmine blossoms from the shores of West Lake (Ho Tay) in Hanoi.  Tea has a natural ability to absorb the aromas from flowers, herbs and spices which has fascinated blenders for many centuries. Of the many scents added to tea the fragrance of the jasmine blossom is one of the most captivating.

The tea is produced by minority families in Ha Giang and we transport this to Hanoi for blending by Ms Ngo in Hanoi using jasmine blossoms from her own garden.  

Jasmine flower buds are picked during the day and left layered with the green tea overnight when the buds open and release their delicate fragrance into the leaves.  This process is repeated over several nights until the tea has absorbed the correct amount of jasmine scent.  No artificial flavours are used producing an all natural refreshing drink to be enjoyed at any time.


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