Sweet Osmanthus: Scented Wild Tea, Vietnam

Excite your senses and seduce your taste buds with this tempting green tea blend. The sweet Osmanthus flowers (osmanthus fragrans or hoa mộc in Vietnamese) are a beautiful gold/ yellow in colour and abundantly aromatic. The matching of the delicate blossoms with wild grown green tea is perhaps the perfect embodiment of leaves and flowers being used together.

Both tea and flowers are grown completely naturally on the high mountain slopes of Van Chan in Yen Bai province.  The one bud two leaves green tea is traditionally made from the leaves of wild tea trees before blending with local freshly picked osmanthus flower that are produced for a short season in late summer each year. A kilo of flowers is used for each kilo of tea.

Sweet Osmanthus Green Tea is wonderfully refreshing drink with a striking liquor and floral aroma.  Flavours are fruity peach and apricot with a little background spice that perfect complements the subtleness of the green tea.  Any Jasmine Tea fan will be delighted with Sweet Osmanthus as a fragrant alternative. 

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