Why Hatvala

Wednesday, 02/12/2015 21:16

Hatvala Tea Hunting Map

Why Choose Hatvala?

Locally Based

We are a Vietnam based company with Vietnamese and British partners.  At least one time each year we travel throughout the country to meet with our suppliers, to discuss how to improve the character and presentation of the teas and also to search out new teas.  In addition to this, however, we speak to our suppliers on a regualr and ongoing basis.

All of the teas we offer are sourced direct by ourselves.  There are no middlemen involved.  We are not tied to any producers and have strict criteria for selecting teas.  Generally they are from small artisan producers who we have built strong working relationships with.  The teas must be clean, pure, have great taste and character and we must be sure that we are working with people that we know and trust.  Our goal is to create an awareness about quality tea from Vietnam to the point that customers will start to seek it out.  This can only be achieved by providing high quality products and looking towards continuous improvement.  We believe that as a result of our travels and research that we have the finest range of teas available from Vietnam.

Buying with confidence

There can be many pitfalls when you are looking to buy specialist teas.  With our direct sourcing policy and the strength of our supplier partnerships from small producers we are confident that we can protect you from disappointment.  We can achieve this by inspecting and sorting teas delivered to our store (and we are experienced in what we are looking for) to ensure that:

  • what you order is what you get;
  • the product is consistent in quality from order to order;
  • tea is truly single origin and is not blended with lower grades
  • tea is clean and complies with regulations on chemical residue
  • the declared source is as stated and there is no substitution of mass produced tea for artisan tea or farmed tea in place of ancient wild tea