About Our Prices

Friday, 25/03/2016 01:56

The basic prices shown on our website are those at which we sell our teas in Vietnam and reflect the fair prices that we pay to our farmers or producers.  For overseas orders the cost of postage by EMS is added at checkout based on our estimate of the actual delivery charges.  There is no allowance built into the tea prices for delivery.  

As a result it can be that for some overseas customers the cost of postage adds up to an additional 40% or so t the cost of the tea.  This is a challenge of supplying direct as it may lead to a feeling that the value is not in the product being purchased.  However, please remember that if you are buying from a store in your own country then cost of delivery (from Asia to Europe or North America etc) has already been factored into the tea price even though delivery to your door appears much cheaper.

We believe this is the most transparent approach and represents the best value to all customers.