Tea in The News Week Ending 26 June 2016

Tuesday, 28/06/2016 00:05

It was been a very slow news week on the tea front over the past seven days due maybe to the ongoing chaos caused by Brexit and the long-running US election saga.  Even those normally reliable boffins have been unable to come up with a study about how excellent tea is for your health.  There is, however, a negative health story from a Lifestyle website that reports how excessive tea drinking caused a 16 year old to develop hepatitis.  Mind you the article looks to be a little flakey on the facts.

All seems to be rather doom and gloom on the economic front.  There are warnings in the Business Standard that Brexit will have a negative impact on Indian tea exports at a time when the Economic Times reports that small tea growers (Ithink that's farm size rather than stature) continue to experience cash flow problems as brokers fail to make advance payments.  

From Kenya, The Star reports on a hunger strike by tea pickers as part of a dispute over terms and conditions while the Standard Media has an intriguing story about a tea factory that may be forced to close because its board members do not have enough O Levels.

Sorting through the fannings and dust of this weeks news Yahoo reports on a lifetime achievement award for the founders of Bigelow Teas and Amny tells us about a potentially pompous tea tasting experience in New York courtesy of a French sommelier.  One cannot help to be struck by the differences in fortune of those producing our favourite teas and those marketing or drinking it.