Tea in The News Week Ending 14 August 2016

Tuesday, 16/08/2016 03:34

Tea NewsWait months for a tea story from Myanmar and then two come along at once.  First off we have a member of the Twinings family dropping in to explain how to make a proper cup of tea (even using Twinings Tea I assume) and then we hear of the tribulations of farming tea in strife torn Shan State.

The strike by tea workers in Kenya has made it on to Bloomberg this week and takes on a slightly different perspective in that it talks about workers seeking a 30% rise whereby local media reports described a court award that multi-national companies were refusing to implement.  

Last we had a story about Sri Lanka looking to increase their tea exports to China due to a greater interest in tea with milk in the People's Republic.  However, it seems that at the same time demand for Indian tea is on the slide.

There is a report in Forbes of one woman's search for her ideal tea to make iced tea with and the claim that she found one in Oregon.  As always it is a matter of taste but I am surprised there is that much difference provided that you are using a decent tea.  The process of making hot tea and then pouring of ice would likley disguise most of the taste.  As with iced coffee I would suggest cold brewing for the best results. 

Two reports about changing trends in tea drinking among young people in the UK based on the same market research feature in the Daily Express and The Guardian.  The trend is away from the traditional builder's brew with a greater interest in green tea and fruit teas.  The reports state that part of the reason is fears that tea will cause staining to teeth yet at the same time it seems that cake sales remain buoyant.  

In Canada, however, the love of tea goes from strength to strength if reports from Winnipeg are to be believed.

Finally, there is one of those regular features that compares the relative merits of tea and coffee for your health.  As someone who likes both tea and coffee I found this report to be quite well balanced.